Magical Support and Ritual Offerings

photo credit: Eliza Swann

I am a student and practitioner of magic, ritual, energy work, and tarot. I have participated and taught in The Golden Dome School, through which I am currently pursuing the Tarot Initiates Certification, and have apprenticed with founder Eliza Swann. I have a level II reiki certification by Reiki Master Chona Bernardo, and am an ordained minister through the ULC.

I believe in the power of magic and ritual as a process of reflection, articulation, and transformation, providing the tools and nourishment needed to activate changes in ourselves and our surroundings. I believe in the power of magic and ritual as a revolutionary tool in service of the liberation of all beings. I believe in the power of magic and ritual as a practice of resource sharing, healing, and the cultivation and propagation of abundance and joy.

So be it!

photo credit: Eliza Swann

**all offerings happen virtually**


conversations in an energetically supported safe space, engaging the imagery of the tarot as a tool for discovery, empowerment and liberation

33 minutes (3-5 card spread): customized clarifying questions based on your needs
    33 minutes for $44 
44 minutes (The Flame 7-cards): This is a spread that asks: "how may I be of service?" Guidance as to the roles, duties, tools, and gifts we have to offer, and how to best navigate a process of learning/unlearning
        44 minutes for $77
55 minutes: Together we will select a spread that suits your current situation and needs:
The Grid (9 cards) an expanded portrait of your current situation, looking in all directions
The Tree (11 cards) what are you growing towards? what needs pruning, fertilizing? what resources do you have at your disposal?
The Spiral (15 cards) focusing on internal/external factors and energies, and possible paths forward
     55 minutes for $88
custom DIY ritual pdf add-on (for any reading): $44

energy reading and distance reiki: 44 minutes for $99

**books are closed for Spring and Summer** 

11% of proceeds from tarot readings will be donated to the Los Angeles Mission

customized ritual (releasing, healing, integration, manifestation, protection...whatever you imagine!); no need to purchase any ingredients or materials, we will work with what you have

custom DIY pdf with script and instructions $66 (includes 22 minute consultation)
live ritual enactment $111 (includes 22 minute consultation)
custom DIY ritual pdf add-on (for any reading): $44

for rituals or other inquiries, contact me at
*Note: all my offerings are consent-based. please check in with the recipient if you are thinking about gifting a reading