Magical Support and Ritual Offerings

photo credit: Eliza Swann

I am a student and practitioner of magic, ritual, energy work, and tarot. I have participated and taught in The Golden Dome School, through which I am currently pursuing the Tarot Initiates Certification, and have apprenticed with founder Eliza Swann. I have a level II reiki certification by Reiki Master Chona Bernardo, and am an ordained minister through the ULC.

I believe in the power of magic and ritual as a process of reflection, articulation, and transformation, providing the tools and nourishment needed to activate changes in ourselves and our surroundings. I believe in the power of magic and ritual as a revolutionary tool in service of the liberation of all beings. I believe in the power of magic and ritual as a practice of resource sharing, healing, and the cultivation and propagation of abundance and joy.

So be it!

photo credit: Eliza Swann

**all offerings happen virtually**

conversations in an energetically supported safe space, engaging the imagery of the tarot as a tool for discovery, empowerment and liberation

3-card spread: customized clarifying questions based on your needs
    22 minutes for $27 
Revolutionary Hermit 7-card spread: guidance as to the roles, duties, tools, and gifts we have to offer, and how to best navigate a process of learning/unlearning
    33 minutes for $44
The Tree 11-card spread: what are you growing towards? what needs pruning, fertilizing? what resources do you have at your disposal?
     55 minutes for $66 
The Spiral 17-card spread: using The Golden Dawn spread plus two oracle cards, we focus on mental space, lessons to learn, and possible paths forward
    66 minutes for $77
custom DIY ritual pdf add-on (for any reading): $33

energy reading and distance reiki: 44 minutes for $66

You can schedule a reading here. I am currently scheduling readings on Thursdays and Sundays (if your availability doesn’t allow for a reading within this framework, please email me at

**I WILL NOT BE OFFERING READINGS IN OCTOBER & NOVEMER (I will still be offering custom rituals)** 

77% of proceeds from tarot readings will be donated to a different organization each month 

AUGUST proceeds were donated to the National Bail Fund Network’s Protest & COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund for Community Bail & Bond Funds
SEPTEMBER proceeds were donated to Inclusively Well

customized ritual (releasing, healing, integration, manifestation, protection...whatever you imagine!); no need to purchase any ingredients or materials, we will work with what you have

custom DIY pdf with script and instructions $44 (includes 22 minute consultation)
live ritual enactment $88 (includes 22 minute consultation)
custom DIY ritual pdf add-on (for any reading): $33

for rituals or other inquiries, contact me at
*Note: all my offerings are consent-based. please check-in with the recipient if you are thinking about gifting a reading