The Commons

Welcome Witches! Wondering who/what/where is THE COMMONS? Well, not so long ago, a womxn-led crew in a garage in Los Angeles forged a portal into an alterna witchy dimension – picking up the frequencies of a public access morning show for witches, by witches. It was/is/will be THE COMMONS.

The Commons is a feminist, public access-style, morning talk show crafted for witches, by witches. 



The witches of The Commons address timeless and timely topics of magical concern, including what it means to be in community, how to recognize invisible and emotional labor, how to deal with persecution, various modes of healing, and the art of transformation. Anchored by the roundtable discussion, The Commons also features recurring segments such as “Spell of the Week,” a step-by-step guide to crafting a spell to banish internalized aspects of the patriarchy; “The Weird Sisters,” three teen witches who review depictions of witches in popular culture from their bedroom; and interviews with real-world witches. Plus: commercials for aspirational places, products and services such as a Gaslight Meter, Tech Witch Consulting, American Witch Dolls, and a promo for the next program on channel W.I.T.C.H.: “HAGS of W *********shire” a historical sitcom depicting the lives of three witches during the European witch hunts.

created, written & directed by: Mireya Lucio & Sallie Merkel
in collaboration with: Emily Alpren (producer), Ava Benjamin Shorr (director of photography), Arianne Alizio (production design/wardrobe)
with performances by: Sola Bamis, Jenny Greer, Marina Libel, Mireya Lucio & Sallie Merkel.

crew: Stella Ahn, May Charters, Sean Grattan, Emily Jones, Maryn McGaw, Veronica Moonhill, Nicola Newton, Tasha Petty, Sarah Rochelle, Raky Sastri, Camillia Shofani, Whitney Wolpert

animation by: Sasha Schotzko-Harris

sound engineer: Ben Babbitt
post-production consultants: Sean Grattan, Keith Skretch

“The Commons” theme song composed by Ben Babbitt, written by Mireya Lucio & Sallie Merkel


(*SPOILER ALERT* if you haven’t seen Season 1!)

In Season 2 Historia and Corinna navigate Los Angeles and the people they meet, all while sending transmissions back and forth to Zaniel and Angela, who remain in the other realm, nurturing the resistance from Historia’s Cauldron: Apothecary, Cafe, Brewery, General Store, and Commons.

Season 2 is the channel through which the communications occur. But these transmissions aren’t the only things that come through this channel – magical beings from other dimensions start to appear!

Season 2 features brand-new segments spreading the wisdom and practices of real-world witches, artists, and mystics such as: Erin Aquarian, Skate Witches Abby Banks & Anna Ialeggio, Lisa Sanaye Dring, Edgar Fabián Frías, Amanda Yates Garcia (The Oracle of Los Angeles), Kwonyin, Saewon Oh, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Yumi Sakugawa, Eliza Swann, & JC Zepeda

Created by Mireya Lucio & Sallie Merkel
Produced by Emily Alpren, Crystal Baxley, Mireya Lucio & Sallie Merkel

Featuring Performances and work by: Sola Bamis, Marina Libel, Mireya Lucio, Sallie Merkel, Crystal Baxley, Edgar Fabián Frías, Saewon Oh, Amanda Yates Garcia, Eliza Swann, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Yumi Sakugawa, Jenny Greer, Abby Banks, Anna Ialleggio, Em Walworth, JC Zepeda, T. Kay Dillingham, Kwonyin & Erin Aquarian

Crew: Emilia Quinton (DP multiple segments), Lisa Sanaye Dring (segment director Witches on the Street),Geneva Faye (DP Ancestral Humps), Katmeow Garcia (DP Ask a Witch), Raven Stevenson, Crystal Baxley, Sean Grattan, Elena Lockleis, Tyree Marshall, Annie Laurie Daniel, Sarah Albritton, Nicola Newton, Natalie Bashforth, Jada Merritt, T. Kay Dillingham

Edited by Mireya Lucio
Sound Mix, Additional Music and Effects by Ben Babbitt
Color Correction by Sean Grattan
Catharsis and Portal Music: Kwonyin
Rainbow Static Video Art by Sarah Zucker
“The Commons” song composed by Ben Babbitt, written by Mireya Lucio and Sallie Merkel with Animation by Sasha Schotzko-Harris

A Co-production with Whippoorwill Arts and Emotional Labor Co.

Special thanks: Women’s Center for Creative Work, Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Open Signal